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Damaging or losing your mobile is no fun. If you have a nice phone they can cost hundreds of pounds to replace, and it may cost you even more if the phone is stolen and thieves use it to make calls. Set your mind at ease by finding out how to insure your mobile phone today if you need to.

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Mobile Phone Insurance

Mobile Phone Insurance

Two million mobile phones are reported stolen every year. Even more are lost or accidentally damaged.

Replacing a new model mobile can be costly, whilst thieves can also rack up large bills with fraudulent calls on stolen mobiles. With a mobile phone being essential to modern day life, mobile phone insurance can help save you time and money if you lose or damage your mobile.

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Business Mobile Phone Insurance

Mobile Phone Insurance

Communication is critical to every business.

Ensuring that all your employees are able to keep in contact with customers, supplier and each other is vital, and a lost or stolen phone can mean lost sales and profits.

With the latest business smartphones costing hundreds of pounds to replace, its well worth looking at business mobile smartphone insurance to keep your costs down.

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Worlds Most Expensive Mobile Phones

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228 Mobile Phones Reported Stolen every HOUR

Recent crime statistics indicate that about 228 mobile phones are reported stolen in the UK every HOUR, as reported by BBC News in 2010. The scale of mobile phone theft is simply staggering. More...

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